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The Labyrinth in Mtskheta was built in October 2022 by the participants of the NOW Assembly.

Mtskheta is the ancient capital of Georgia, its spiritual and cultural centre, recognized as a museum-reserve and included in the UNESCO World Heritage list.
NOW Assembly is an international gathering of scientists, cultural and public figures, organised by the Dolphin Embassy.


The diameter of the labyrinth in Mtskheta is 27 meters. 


The most ancient symbol of the human life path and a practice for spiritual transformation.

Each turn of the path is a trial of life, an experience and a lesson.

At the centre of the Labyrinth lies the inevitable main meeting in life, the clash of animal and spiritual principles, Good and Evil, Theseus and the Minotaur, St. George and the Dragon.

Whether there will be a future depends on the outcome.

To find a way out of the Labyrinth into a new life, you need Ariadne's thread.

"A Guiding Thread." The Ability to Love.

Enter the Labyrinth with it and do not lose it during any of the turns.

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