Word to the World

A way to experience unmediated personal contact with the Universe as one living organism.

Dolphinity World Festival

Humans and dolphins. Two ways of life. Two mentalities. 

Dolphinity is a dialogue about two world-systems.

Dolphin Embassy Films

Humans and dolphins. Two ways of life. Two mentalities. 

Production of documentaries that shifts the worldview.



An interdisciplinary research project.

Dolphins and whales: different mind, different language, same planet

NOW (Nature of Wonders) Assembly

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An international gathering of scientists, cultural figures and social practitioners, simultaneously presenting a unified, coherent picture of the world that transform the system of ideas about the world and humans’ place in it.

Transformation assistance

White Hole


30th Parallel Project

A round-the-world expedition along the 30th Parallel North -

a belt of global consciousness

The Eve of Tomorrow

A Program for Children

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An online-offline cultural and active environment

combining a social network, range of services and university.

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