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An interdisciplinary experimental project “Intraterrestrial” 

Within the prevailing worldview based on the separation of man and the universe; with the current way of life based on the consumerist attitude to nature; within the existing scientific paradigm based on the concept of self-sufficiency of matter, no solutions can any longer be found. Finding a way out of the systemic crisis is impossible without a radical change in the ways we see the world. The process can be triggered by the discovery of a different model of mind.

Dolphins and whales as species are a condition for sustainability of the environment. They are directly connected to the fundamentals of life on the planet. While we have been looking for signs of intelligent life in distant galaxies, the bearers of another form of intelligent life have been in front of us, near at hand, all along.

Time has come to get to know each other.

According to one definition, intelligence is an ability to use the powers of the world without destroying the world.

Based on research conducted over ten years in the oceans around the world, the Dolphins Embassy is organizing an international expedition and a series of unprecedented experiments that will:

1. Fulfill the humankind’s centuries-old dream of establishing direct contact with representatives of another form of intelligent life.

2. Present to the public new knowledge about the fundamental structure of the world, the possibilities open to individual humans and the humankind as a whole, about the purpose and nature of consciousness, about ways for sustainable development of the planet, as well as potential effectiveness of social practices (including medicine, education, energy, social relations and spiritual development) – i.e. about a shift in worldview that can provide the humanity with a way out of the current civilizational impasse.

The expedition’s focus is on direct interaction with dolphins and whales in the open sea. More specifically, we plan to investigate the following areas:

- Explore the conditions and states of direct contact, any changes that occur in humans during and as a result of such contact. How does the electromagnetic activity of the brain and heart change when we are interacting with the dolphins? How do they affect our consciousness? How do they generate "peak experiences" and a sense of connection with them?

- Explore the possible parallels between the "flow" state, a meditative state of mind, and the influence of dolphins on the human body.

- Explore the secret of the positive impact dolphins have on people suffering from serious conditions (such as autism) and the effect of "spontaneous remission" after a contact with dolphins (the so-called "dolphin therapy").

- Examine their language (including "whale songs"), and try to find a way of understanding its structure, an interface that would bridge the gap between their and our perceptions of the world.

- Explore the "field" component of their minds – their transpersonal communication, their ability to accurately navigate environments during migration over thousands of miles, to operate simultaneously and in a coordinated way at different latitudes, etc.

- Examine the nature of their relationship with energy that allows them to swim in apparent defiance of the known laws of energy exchange and hydrodynamics, and any similarities it may have with human impact on the environment and interaction with energy.

- Find an explanation for the fact that through the course of evolution their brain (the most highly organized on the planet), the "work" they are doing, and their impact on the water of the world ocean have remained very much in demand.

Members of the expedition will include:

- outstanding dolphin scientists and experts in interspecies communication;

- renowned scientists involved in the study of the properties of water as a basic condition of life;

- underwater filmmakers of worldwide acclaim;

- renowned musicians with the experience of interacting with the dolphins ;

- scientists of consciousness and the brain;

- doctors who specialize in spontaneous remission, reserves of the human body, autism, and other fields;

- record-holding free-divers;

- teachers of meditation who combine it with modern scientific knowledge about the human race;

- representatives of the media invited to cover the project;

- members of the Advisory Board, who support the project;

All stages of the expedition will take place in 2017 - 2018. The most important event that brings together key participants and ideas of the project, and is accessible to all is Dolphinity World Festival, June 2017, Tenerife.

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