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I, Beast

film, 53 min, 2023

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When you enter the Labyrinth, a Beast appears at its centre.

It changes with every step you take.

At the moment of your meeting, you will give it a name.

And it will fulfil it.


 A film-parable in which people from twenty countries build and walk the Labyrinth - the oldest tool for understanding the life path, at the centre of which an inevitable meeting and the main choice - between Good and Evil - await each of us. The eternal history of Theseus and the Minotaur, Man and the Beast, is lived here again by everyone.



film, 52 min

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How many times have you managed to feel that something much greater than you surrounds and pervades you? You call it intuition, a premonition or conscience - but who is really knocking inside of you?


We have gone so far that we can’t get away from each other...

Take a closer look...

I have long consisted of you. You consist wholly of me.

There is nothing, more important for both of us than to actualise each other.

He who you seek, is seeking, you...



Guidebook to the world of superpositions

The world in which we live, in every moment and at every point, is alive, unified and intelligent.

A wonder is a manifestation of the unified, living and intelligent nature of the world in a specific single event, chain of events or phenomena. 

It is said that once a student came to a master for answers and the latter asked him what was the main problem in human life. 

“Is it that a person does not find answers to the main questions?” the student asked. “No. That he does not find questions that are worth looking for answers to.” 

It seems that we have enough of such questions. 

Searching for answers to them is not boring. And when we are confronted with them, from us who have no answers, in a paradoxical way, evil and despair leave. 

Yet at the same time they are traumatic, because meeting them leads to a crisis of the habitual stereotypes of thinking. Not even because you do not find clear answers, but because you reject answers that have kept you have been chained to for so long. 

riding the wave

THE DOLPHIN PRINCIPLE. Life Riding the Wave.

The Dolphin Principle - Version 3.0 has been published by the EKSMO publishing house in Russia.

The first two editions of this book appeared when we had barely begun our acquaintance with dolphins. Then it seemed to many that what we wrote were fantasies, fairy tales...

The third edition comes out after the international scientific community has confirmed not only the intelligence of dolphins and whales, but also the existence of a developed culture and language.

The Dolphin Embassy we created currently has perhaps the largest collection of confirmed wonders associated with dolphins, human potential and consciousness...

But the feeling of wonder from each such meeting only intensified. When travelling to dolphins and whales, everything depends equally on them and the people involved.

Every time our boat becomes an ark, where French and English, Arabic and Hebrew, Russian and Spanish, Italian and Georgian, Dutch and Greek are to be heard, and yet we all always understand and feel each other.

Having been there once, you are the Dolphin Embassy.



Possibly there is a different intelligence somewhere in the Universe. We do not know. But one thing is certain, our planet, right here and now, possesses two forms of intelligence.

What do we want, as we write this book?

To understand dolphins? To find out what is needed from us in order to be able to communicate with them? To guess what we have that we can give them?

To understand others, in order to understand ourselves …  To see others in order to perceive ourselves. To learn, to feel, to find what there is in us that we share with them, that is universal.

To examine himself, man needs a mirror. He has to be reflected in something that conveys the individual standing in front of it as precisely as possible, highlighting every detail.

In order finally to understand what was there and what is there – BEFORE and AFTER all the mirrors.

plan A


Dolphin Embassy Almanac

We have been limiting ourselves to the concept of Homo Sapiens (Wise, Rational Man) for such a long time, that only now, having reached a breaking point, we are beginnig to realize, how feeble our understanding of wisdom and rationality has been.

The function of a myth is to construct a world. Or at least to demonstrate its alternative versions. Or, if you prefer, to create a demand for a version of the future that may not exist as yet, but which – even on the level of physical sensations, cannot be mistaken for anything else – for it blossoms with joy. It’s far easier to answer questions that were posed a long time ago and to build out of bricks that have long been in abundance on the market, but we’re not needed for that, there’s already a huge number of people who manage to do this. It’s only worth working on things we can’t yet get our hands on. “Making dreams a reality.”


A Fleeting Contact

documentary 55 min, 2017

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Teaser Trailer

The Shore and the Ocean. The frozen and the fluid. The artificial and the genuine. 

Humans and dolphins. Two ways of life. Two mentalities. 

A dialogue about two world-systems. Is contact possible between them? 

Intraterrestrial – inhabitants of the Earth - not us OR them, but us WITH them.



This book on noetics is the result of a series of extraordinary expeditions and research efforts undertaken by an international team of specialists who devote their work to archeology of possibilities – the search in the past and present of what creates future.

Noetics derives from a Greek word referring to “intuitive knowledge”. It is a school of thought based on an integral approach to the evolution of human consciousness, reaching beyond conventional views of the world. Noetics blends ancient sacred knowledge about humans with achievements of modern science – neurophysiology, quantum physics, anthropology, etc.



Documentary, 27 min, 2014

Teaser Trailer

After spending several months at sea with free-living dolphins, expedition of the Dolphin Embassy came up with the unique result; direct contact between two forms of intelligence is possible.
This contact overturned not only our usual ideas about dolphins, but also our ideas about the capabilities of human beings.


This film is the first to depict unmediated interaction between man and free-living pilot whale. It is a film that immerses audiences into the world of beings who have lived on our Planet fifty times longer than the humankind. A film that is in itself an experience of direct dialogue with them and the Universe. A film that presents us with an opportunity to adopt a different view of life, consciousness and ourselves.


All images in the film were shot in the open ocean with free-living pilot whales.



By the time of release of the book, we have spent about fifteen hundred hours with them. Each time we come back from these journeys unable to speak. The space we have been to transforms our vocabulary that thus far seemed to describe the world quite adequately. The new language soaks in, re-cultivates us. The language is so much more genuine, that we are no longer able to speak and think in terms of the past.




Some time ago, during our round-the-world expedition “Archeology of Possibilities”, along the 30th Parallel North, we were fortunate to make a unique discovery: twelve well-preserved ceramic vessels, each one of them containing a golden plate with ideographic signs inscribed on it.

With the help of an international team of comparative linguists we managed to decipher the text comprised of twelve chapters, and written in a language that resembles in its semantic structure both Berber and Kechua.


... Everything you see around, everything what you see with your eyes and what is hidden from your eyes – is a possibility.

You are a breath of possibility.

If there is a dividing line between what is there and what can be there, the line is you.

What can be there but is not yet there is not your privately owned land, but you are the gates, as well as the gatekeeper.

And if it was not for you, there would be no lips to drink, to touch other lips, to blow on the wounds, and to whisper the words.

Open the eyes of your eyes, for the sea and the sky have no other eyes.

Follow your love, and you will never have to wander or make guesses randomly.

And when you do this whales come to you and stay by your side ...




Stories that happened to us during our round-the-world expedition, and that can hardly be called anything but fairy tales or fables.

They are accompanied with compositions by musicians who took part in the project.

01 Introduction - Ilia Vasherouk

02 Nocturne - Alizbar

03 Moods, Bottom - Davide Swarup

04 Lalita Gauri - Ustad F. Wasifuddin Dagar

05 Beginning of the Calendar - Ilia Vasherouk

06 Ngondro, for the Benefit of all beings - Chumba Lama

07 Crossroad - Alexander Samodoum & Alizbar

08 Esta Ninya - Anna Hoffman & Romancero Sefardi

09 Virgin Ocean - Arkady Shilkloper

10 Gateway - Alizbar & Alexander Samodoum

11 Closer to the End - EXIT Project

12 Idze Sen - Ann'Sannnat

13 Off the road - EXIT Project

14 Epilogue - Ilia Vasherouk

book of wonders

The Dolphin Embassy Book of Wonders


... When we set out for the first expeditions, we hoped to find the algorithm of happiness and joy, as well as a universal way of heeling ailments, an antidote, an elixir of life. To unearth answers to eternal questions. To find lost practices of interaction with the world, in hope that they have survived to this day...

I have been thinking of the difference between water and the waves on it.

Rising, water's still water,

falling back, it is water,

will you give me a hint how to tell them apart?

Because someone has made up the word 'wave',

do I have to distinguish it from water?

There is a Secret One inside us;

the planets in all the galaxies

pass through his hands like beads.

That is a string of beads one should look at with luminous eyes.



A musical disc with compositions created by musicians united under the concept of Sanctuary.

In the world where we are all inseparably interconnected, time exists no longer: there’s nothing left to consume other than yourself. In the world where we are all inseparably interconnected, there are no longer any distances: if you shoot, you inevitably hit yourself. In the world where we are all inseparably interconnected, there is no longer any imprecision: you cannot receive without giving.

Within the obsolete ways of thinking and acting, based on consumerists urge to “conquer the world”, there are no longer any solutions for the present. 

The human race is a part of the Universal body that is invested with the ability to be creative. The very moment we become aware of this, a huge leap in the world’s development will occur. 

Dolphins and whales represent the most ancient form of consciousness on Earth. They have lived in this home fifty times longer than we have. 

Changing our attitude towards them would be a true initiation for us, the passage from barbarity to maturity. If we learn at least not to kill or exploit them, we might one day stop killing our own kind. 


cd atlantis

A musical disc supplementing The Promise of Atlantis book. A musical reconstruction with our own processing and arrangement.

01 Seize the Day

02 To New Shores

03 The Coin Dropped

04 Starlit Night

05 Princess' Guard of Honour

06 Message for Buddha

07 Heat

08 Master's Work

09 Tango Box

10 Skippers' Dance

11 Following Dolphins

12 The Solitude of Noah

13 Waves

14 Daddy's Songs (Erev shel shoshanim)

15 A Refined Creature

16 Clown in the Square

17 Promenade des Atlantes

18 The Flame of Flamel

19 Cis Atl Evi

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