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The Declaration was presented to public at the VI International Cultural Forum in Saint Petersburg, Russia.



Based on a wealth of scientific research and evidence that cetaceans have intellect, feelings, culture and a complex social system;

taking into account the growing international movement for the protection of cetaceans;

taking into consideration the numerous precedents in this field (national laws on the banning or non-expansion of aquariums, declarations on the recognition of dolphins and whales as non-human individuals, the creation of international marine nature reserves for dolphins and whales);

recognizing the vital importance of whales and dolphins for the biosphere of the planet, as well as the danger that human activity poses to them;

considering the current stage in the development of human civilization, which requires that humans assume greater responsibility for the planet and for its living systems as a whole;

we declare:


1. All dolphins and whales are individuals possessing self-awareness, intellect and feelings.


2. All dolphins and whales are born and must remain free, they have the right to live and move freely in their natural environment, from which they may not be forcibly removed, and they must not be separated from the family groups to which they belong.


3. The killing of dolphins and whales must be forbidden without exception, their lives cannot be put in danger, and they cannot be treated cruelly.

4. Dolphins and whales cannot be seized, kept in captivity, bought, sold or rented out; they cannot be the property of a state, company or private individual.

5. Dolphins and whales cannot be used for entertainment, medical ends, or military purposes or be subjected to invasive experiments. Any training of dolphins and whales is recognized as a form of slavery.


6. Dolphins and whales have the right to have their culture protected from being interfered with. Observation of dolphins and whales can only take place in natural conditions and should be regulated by international norms that guarantee their peace and security.


7. The fishing industry must comply with legal provisions protecting dolphins and whales from accidentally being caught in nets. It must be held responsible for any pollution of water bodies (including noise pollution) that may threaten the lives and health of dolphins and whales.


8. Regular cargo and passenger vessel routes must circumvent sites that groups of dolphins and whales have chosen as their main habitats.


9. No scientific, educational or other goals can justify making dolphins and whales act under force or holding them in captivity; the only exception to this rule is when and only for the period they require medical aid or must be saved from unavoidable danger; this exception is only valid for the period that such assistance is necessary.


10. The rights and freedoms established by this Declaration should be protected by international and national legislation. Violation of these principles should be equated to crimes against individuals and humanity and should entail legal culpability. 

November 2017

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Already in the discussion phase, the Declaration was supported by more than two thousand scientists, cultural and public figures from 25 countries. And more then five thousands signatures was added next month. Among them:

Antonio and Hanna Damasio

Antonio Damasio is  neuroscientist. He is currently the David Dornsife Professor of Neuroscience, Psychology and Philosophy at the University of Southern California and an adjunct professor at the Salk Institute. Damasio heads the Brain and Creativity Institute.

Hanna Damasio is a Professor of Psychology, Director of the Dana and David Dornsife Cognitive Neuroimaging Center (DNI).

Bruce H. Lipton

Bruce H. Lipton, PhD – cell biologist, bestselling author and recipient of the 2009 Goi Peace Award.

Denise Herzing

Denise Herzing – Ph.D. in Behavioral Biology/Environmental Studies. She is an Affiliate Assistant Professor in Biological Sciences at Florida Atlantic University. Founder and Research Director, Wild Dolphin Project.

Ralph Metzner

Ralph Metzner, Ph.D. - psychologist, writer, researcher, psychotherapist, and Professor Emeritus of psychology at the California Institute of Integral Studies; co-founder and President of the Green Earth Foundation.

Toni Frohoff

Toni Frohoff, Ph.D. - behavioral and wildlife biologist specializing in marine mammals, founder and Director of Terramar Research

Steven Weinberg

Steven Weinberg – biologist, underwater photographer, traveller. Luxembourg

Ivan Zatevahin

Ivan Zatevahin – biologist, publisist, author and presenter of TV and radio programs about animals.

Vidal Martin Martel

Vidal Martin Martel – founder of Sociedad para el Estudio de los Cetáceos en el Archipiélago Canario (SECAC)

Richard Wylie

Richard Wylie - marine biologist, member of the IUCN's World Commission on Protected Areas and the Commission for Education and Communication,  Director of Euakafa Island Research Station in Tonga.

​Kenneth Ekstrom

​Kenneth Ekstrom – bioacoustic engineer, Laboratory for Acoustic Analysis, Cambridge.

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Graeme Kelleher

Graeme Kelleher – engineer, who has developed systems of marine protected areas in several countries, Vice-Chairman, Marine of IUCN's World Commission on Protected Areas (WCPA), chairman of Advisory Committee to CSIRO Marine Sector, Co-Chair of Life Sciences expert panel on Cooperative Research Centres (CRC). Responsible for recommending selection and reviewing CRCs for the
Australian Government, member of Scientific Committee for International Symposia on Religion, Science and the Environment .

Alexander Asmolov

Alexander Asmolov – Doctor of Psychology; Professor; Academician of the Russian Academy of Education; Head of Psychology of Personality Department, Faculty of Psychology, Lomonosov Moscow State University; Director of the Federal Institute of Education Development.

Michel Odent

Michel Odent – french obstetrician, natural-birth pioneer, former surgeon. Founder of the Primal Health Research Centre (London), author.

Thomas White

Thomas White -  PhD in Philosophy, Hilton Professor in Business Ethics and Director of the Center for Ethics and Business at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, California.

Maddalena Bearzi

Maddalena Bearzi, Ph.D. – biologist, President and co-founder of Ocean Conservation Society, California.

Stuart Sovatsky

Stuart Sovatsky – Ph.D. Psychology, former President of Association for Transpersonal Psychology, Director of psychotherapy clinic, author.

David Phillips

David Phillips - biologist, co-founder and Executive Director of the Earth Island Institute, Director of International Marine Mammal Project.

​Alexander Agafonov

Alexander Agafonov - specialist in marine mammals acoustic communication, Oceanographic Institute, Russian Academy of Science.

Andrei Kurpatov

Andrei Kurpatov – therapist, President of High School of Metodology, author, Russia

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Ashok Khosla

Ashok Khosla - is a leading Indian Environmentalist, known for pioneering and contributing to sustainable development. President of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), Co-Chair of UN Environment Programme’s International Resource Panel, former President of Club of Rome.

Ervin Laszlo

Ervin Laszlo - Founder and President of The Club of Budapest, Director and Co-Founder of the Ervin Laszlo Institute for Advanced Study (ELIAS) and of the Laszlo New-Paradigm Leadership Center (Italy), Member of the Hungarian Academy of Science


Sadhguru, is an Indian yogimystic and New York Times bestselling author. He is involved in social outreach, education and environmental initiatives. Sadhguru was conferred the Padma Vibhushan civilian award by the Government of India in 2017 in recognition of his contribution towards spirituality.

Candace Crespi

Candace Crespi – biologist, Campaign Director and Social Media, Oceanic Preservation Society (OPS) and Blue Sphere Foundation.

James Balog

James Balog - Photograf, Earth Vision Institute, President and Founder of the Extreme Ice Survey and Earth Vision Institute, Colorado.

Sandra Guyomard

Sandra Guyomard, President of Réseau-Cétacés, France

Mikael Karlholm

Mikael Karlholm - founder of «Spread the Word» - organization, which assists exceptional wisdom teachers in getting their message across the globe.

Nicolya Christi

Nicolya Christi – futurist, visionary, author, founder of WorldShift Movement.

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Cardinal Francesco Coccopalmerio

Cardinal Francesco Coccopalmerio - President of the Pontifical Council for Legislative Texts, Vatican.

Matthieu Ricard

Matthieu Ricard - Writer, founder of Karuna-Shechen humanitarian organization.

Steven M. Wise

Steven M. Wise - american legal scholar who specializes in animal protection issues, primatology, and animal intelligence, Founder and President of the Nonhuman Rights Project.


Preethaji - co-founder of One World Academy; world spiritual teacher from India    

Gunnar Michanek

Gunnar Michanek - mindfulness teacher in the Government of Sweden, Google and Facebook companies; founder of «Minds Unlimited»

Oriana Kalama

Oriana Kalama - Founder & CEO of Ocean Defender Hawaii

Elizabeth Soltis

Elizabeth Soltis - founder and Director of Bridges Global, director of partnerships in TreeSisters.

Laura Bridgeman

Laura Bridgeman - Executive Director at Sonar: Dolphin & Whale Rights, Campaign and Communication Specialist at the International Marine Mammal Project.

Alexei Golenkevich

Alexei Golenkevich – Sustainable Fishering department coordinator, WWF-Barentsovo Sea

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Irina Hakamada

Irina Hakamada – politician, social activist, author, radio and TV presenter.

Oleg Lebedev

Oleg Lebedev - deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, member of State Duma Committee on Natural Resources, Natural Management and Ecology

Alfonso Cauteruccio

Alfonso Cauteruccio - President of Greenaccord Association and PEOPLE BUILDING FUTURE International Media Forum on the Protection of Nature.

Maxim Shevchenko

Maxim Shevchenko – journalist, TV presenter, social activist, member of the Presidential Council for Civil Society and Human Rights

Elena Bystrova

Elena Bystrova – journalist, PR-Director BALTZER CLUB,  Baltzer Auction Agency & Services, former PR Director of Vedomosti newspaper.

Matt Mellen

Matt Mellen - Director of Emergent Communications and Editor of EcoHustler

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Grazia Francescato

Politician, former president of WWF Italia, journalist, author

Eduard Sagalaev

Eduard Sagalaev - Russian television journalist and media manager. President of the National Association of Broadcasters. Member of the Russian Academy of Television. Founder (with Ted Turner) of TV-6 - first commercial television station in Russia.

Alena Doletskaya

Alena Doletskaya – journalist, translator, former editor in chief of Vogue Russia, and the editor in chief of the Russian Interview magazine.

Andrey Maximov

Andrey Maximov – journalist, editor consultant for All-Russia State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company, dramatist.

​Alexander Radov

​Alexander Radov – Ph.D. in philosophy on Applied Sociology, journalist, producer, screenwriter, Founder & president of “World Russian Television” foundation, producer of Fishka-film, academician of International Academy of TV and Radio

​Dana Ama Day

Dana Ama Day – journalist, founder of Positiv TV, president of Club of Rome London

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Bernard Werber

Bernard Werber – french writer, philosopher    

Slava Polunin

Slava Polunin - Russian performance artist and clown. He is the creator of the stage spectacles Asisyai-revue, Slava's Snowshow

Andrey Makarevich

Andrey Makarevich - Russian rock musician, poet, painter, writer

Arkady Shilkloper

Arkady Shilkloper – musician, multiinstrumentalist, composer, Alpin and French horn player.

Allan Gwenaël

Allan Gwenaël – founder of GAAP agency - international theatrical booking service.

Pavel Muntyan

Pavel Muntyan – co-founder of Toonbox cartoon studio, cartoonist, screenwriter, creator of Mr. Freeman cartoon caracter.

Vadim Demchog

Vadim Demchog – theater and TV actor, screenwriter, psychologist, Founder of Arlekiniada theater project    


Praful (Ulrich Schröder) - german multi-instrumentalist, master sax&flute player, singer, producer, performer and one of the pioneers of the world music community.

Armen Grigoryan

Armen Grigoryan – singer, songwriter, leader of Crematorium rock band    

Maria Semushkina

Maria Semushkina – president of Usadba Jazz festival and director of ArtMania agency    

Oxana Korostyshevskaya

Oxana Korostyshevskaya - Russian theater and film actress

​Glenn Barr

​Glenn Barr – photographer, Director of Documenatry Filmmaker

Olesya Buryachenko

Olesya Buryachenko – documentary cinematographer, screenwriter, film director, producer    

Oxana Bychkova

Oxana Bychkova – cinematographer, screenwriter, author of Piter FM film

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Mikhail Kazinik

Mikhail Kazinik – musician, violinist, musicologist, art historian, publicist, author 

Konstantin Khabenskij

Konstantin Khabenskij - Russian actor and director, founder of Konstantin Khabensky Charitable Foundation

Janusz Leon Wiśniewski

Janusz Leon Wiśniewski, Ph.D. - Polish writer, author of Loneliness on the Net and scientist (PhD in Information Technology, Master in Physics and Master in Economics)    

Chulpan Khamatova

Chulpan Khamatova - Russian film, theater and TV actress, co-founder of the charity fund Gift of Life

George Ovashvili

George Ovashvili – cinematographer, Oscar nominated film director, screenwriter, producer, Georgia. 

René Heuzey

René Heuzey – underwater cinematographer, founder of Ocean de Vie.    

David Rothenberg

David Rothenberg - professor of philosophy and music at the New Jersey Institute of Technology, with a special interest in animal sounds as music; jazz musician; writer.

Bernard Abeille

Bernard Abeille – musician, writer, composer, author of musical performances

Victor Tikhomirov

Victor Tikhomirov – painter from Mitki group, writer, screenwriter, film director

Tatiana Beley

Tatiana Beley – singer, freediver, co-author of Born To Be Free documentary

Oleg Roy

Oleg Roy – russian bestselling writer    

Vanessa Mignon

Vanessa Mignon – photographer, wildlife activist, member of the Ocean Artists Society and an Ambassador for the Undersea Soft Encounter Alliance

Pam Longobardi

Pam Longobardi, artist, ecologist, founder of Drifters Project

Gayane Petrosyan

Gayane Petrosyan – journalist, screenwriter, co-auther of Born to Be Free documentary

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Kjell Nordström

Kjell Nordström - economist, writer and public speaker, well known as an author of an international best-seller Funky Business and Karaoke Capitalism - Management for Mankind. His research and consulting focus is in the areas of strategic management, multinational corporations and globalization.

​​Sergey Solonin

​​Sergey Solonin – Founder and president of Qiwi financial service, partner of Theories and Practices – educational internet project

Charlie Stuart Gay

Charlie Stuart Gay – producer, Co creator of Sanara wellness hotels. CEO of Fanetwork - Cultural Scientist.

​Grigori Kozhemyakin

​Grigori Kozhemyakin – founder and president of StroyDepo 

Ekaterina Plotko

Ekaterina Plotko – Co-Founder of Organic Woman, Co-Founder of Red Nose Fund.

Yuri Aitsov

Yuri Aitsov – General Director of Maharajas Interiors Gallery, Founder and Director of Heritage of East Fund 

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Gor Nakhapetyan

Gor Nakhapetyan – finanсier, former Managing Director of MC Troika Dialog, CEO of Skolkovo Business School, co-founder of Friends Fund and Robits Inc.

Denis Kotov

Denis Kotov – Founder and General Director of bookchain Bookvoyed

David Woolfson

David Woolfson - business lawyer, global activist, Co-Founder & Coordinator, World Wisdom Alliance, Founder & President, The Club of Budapest Canada

Marina Akopian

Marina Akopian - Partner and Fund Manager at Hexam Capital Partners LLP.

Lev Gordon

Lev Gordon – Co-Founder of Living Cities Forum, Co-Founder of City Development Association

Igor Mgeladze

Igor Mgeladze – entrepreneur, Founder and President of RTP System and Tandem Group, co-founder of Nova Group

Peter Norell

Peter Norell - Founder and Director of FAM International Center, business coach    

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Guillaume Néry

Guillaume Néry - freediver, multiple world record holder, France.

Yuliya Petrik

Yuliya Petrik – freediver, founder of HomoDelphinus feediving school

Rafa Herrero Massieu

Rafa Herrero Massieu – diver, freediver, naturalist, founder of Aquawork, Canary Islands    

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Alan Lim Cai Fu

Alan Lim Cai Fu – Feng Shui Master, Singapour

Arnaud Tortel 

Arnaud Tortel  - traveller, Nouvelle Terre Expedition, France

Massimo Calarco

Massimo Calarco - Director of Los Gigantes Port, Tenerife    

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to be continued...

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