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Main areas of our interest:


* the nature of consciousness and the purpose of mindfulness

* the resources of human body, discovering its new abilities, genuine anti-aging

* interspecies communication

* the ocean, water as the basis and condition of life

* dolphins and whales, their contact with the Universe, our contact with them

* sound, word, vibrations, music

* an interface for interaction with Nature

* morphic resonance: the interaction of individual living organisms with “fields”

* new outlook on the sources of vital energy and access to them

* random accidents and synchronicities

* manifestations of unknown laws

* sustainable development

* the possibility of harmonious interaction with the Planet

The embassy carries out its own research, and participates in various programs of its partners, based on complex interdisciplinary approach.


Our experiments bring together specialist from different fields of knowledge that can jointly create an integral vision of the world. It is not the “norm” or “averages” that interest us, but exceptions – demonstrating peak possibilities, that can become sustainable.


The acoustic range of dolphins and whales by far exceeds that of humans. The Dolphin Embassy uses equipment that allows to record and analyze the entire spectrum of frequencies involved in communication among cetaceans, not only those audible to the human ear.


In water (as well as in air) sound creates waves, with each frequency producing a particular pattern. This allows dolphins to virtually “see the sound”. Owing to this fact, their language, most likely, is organized differently from ours: instead of codes denoting certain objects or occurrences, it allows them to communicate immediate images of objects, emotions or notions. An analysis of such images can provide invaluable material for understanding the way they see the world, and establishing contact with them.

A separate area of research focuses on experiments in direct interaction of free-living dolphins and whales with outstanding contemporary musicians, when underwater equipment (acoustic speakers and hydrophones) is used to allow the musicians, playing on the deck of a ship, to hear the voices of cetaceans present nearby.

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