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Word to the World

A Word to the World is an opportunity to experience unmediated personal contact with the Universe as one living organism.


Imagine that you’ve got a possibility to communicate to the World something very important to you at present. But just in one word. And the condition is that you’ll be heard.
Then you may - being attentive and concentrated - communicate to the World a question. And you’ll get the answer. By one word.

At key locations on its route the Dolphin Embassy puts on display the Shining Sphere. Everyone can approach it and communicate to it just one word – the one he or she considers the most important.
Afterwards the person will have the opportunity to mentally formulate a question, and receive from the Sphere a word containing the answer.
The response will be expressed by one of those words that other participants of the project have addressed the Sphere with (perhaps, several weeks earlier, on a different continent).


You are unlikely to ever meet this person, but that doesn’t prevent you from being interconnected. The world responds to every word, every thought, and every step of anyone of us.

A word you utter can turn to be the answer someone else receives from the Universe in response to his question.


All the words deposited in the Sphere remain in its memory.


One provisional result of the expedition is the list of 16 words that account for nearly 90 percent of all words offered by the participants of the project in different countries. These 16 words made up a symbolic prescription formula, they are the key ingredients of the Elixir. 


If everything around us consists of vibrations then, perhaps, there exists a “tuning fork” to which the entire Universe is tuned.
The authentic frequency of the Earth, responsible for the integrity and wellbeing of the system, echoed in the sound of Christian bells, Tibetan singing bowls, and ritual gongs.

For our Project expert bell-makers reconstructed - in accordance with recent research and ancient traditions - an instrument made of an alloy of 12 different metals, and tuned to this very frequency. Its sound is heard over 8 to 14 kilometers, and stays audible for 4 to 7 minutes after the strike.


Smaller copies of the instrument resonate with it – they are virtually lit up by it. They are given by the expedition to the local charges d’affaires of the Dolphin Embassy.


At the final stage of the 30th Parallel Expedition in December of 2013 all the instruments of the 30th Parallel were sounded simultaneously.

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