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1. All answers are where we are. But in order to find them, you have to venture out and turn around – to get an alternative point of view, a chance to look inside from the outside for the first time. We have completed our round-the-world journey together with the planet – exactly within an astronomical year.


2. When we set out for the journey called “Archaeology of Possibilities”, we hoped to find the algorithm of happiness and joy, as well as a universal way of heeling ailments, an antidote, an elixir of life. To unearth answers to eternal questions. To find lost practices of interaction with the world, in hope that they have survived to this day. And yes, they have survived, and represent the treasure of our civilization. But following them blindly is nothing more than hypocrisy. The world is changing. Ancient practices do not work, not because they are lost, but because they are old and the world is new. It continues to create itself and evolve every minute. The physics of the world change accordingly. The outdated laws can no longer describe it adequately, keep pace with it, or help to interact with it.


3. The New Law is not discovered or uncovered – it emerges. It was never hidden. It simply did not exist before, for the world of old days was made and described differently. It is useless to treat constantly mutating, adapting viruses with an ancient remedy, useless to look for cheese in an empty mousetrap.
The antidote is in concentration of our attention NOW. The elixir of life is made and taken simultaneously, otherwise it goes bad.
All that happens is happening for the first time. The real world – in its present shape – exists for the first time. It calls for new practices and new ways of interaction with it.


4. The Crown of Creation? OK. The world is being created by means of us. Through us. Nothing happens against our will. It is us who are to make choices, pardon or sentence ourselves. We can transmit or not what shines through us. The former is a happy coincidence, still considered by many a miracle. The latter is but merciless non-existence.
The human being is a means for the Universe to feel most intensely alive. This is the true identity of Man. It delivers a crushing blow to personal arrogances, but also an immeasurably more valuable gift of boundlessness. With such a identity there is no need to make any guesses, or to fear anything.


5. The humankind is the means for the Universe to feel alive in the fullest sense. It does not require every particle of the universal body to have a consciousness of its own, as no separate consciousness is required of every taste bud on the tongue or every skin cell. Self-consciousness develops within a body covered with skin because of the skin’s ability to sense and transmit. For that reason there’s no reason to insist on “correct” or “incorrect” understanding of what is happening by every cell – even without such understanding it will not seize to be part of a single body increasingly aware of itself.


6. The whole is unimaginably larger than the sum of its parts. If the capabilities of each individual are “activated” only to a small percentage of their potential, it is only because and as long as we stubbornly cling to our uniqueness, separateness. The word is nonlinear, and there are no distant ones among your neighbors. The global network affords possibilities entirely different from any of its cells. It is a phenomenon of the highest order. It is about the difference between being helpless and all-powerful. It is a Manifestation. Or a Transformation. In actual fact, it is already been accomplished.


7. It has happened ALREADY. It means that the old structures of interrelations, reference points and values of the civilization are ALREADY a thing of the past, i.e. as a matter of fact they no longer exist. All interesting and creative things that could happen in the framework of the old worldview, have already happened and finished – they are complete and done with. In that sense, Time no longer is part of the formulas describing today’s evolutionary processes, especially social ones. It is talentless to persist in trying to resolve the problems of a system that no longer exists, within the boundaries imposed by it.
There is no other time but NOW. It means that there is no waiting any longer.
Simply – systemic transformations. A moment of transition.


8. The world is not based on dichotomies. The binary code is an illusion. Ones and zeros, black and white, east and west, man and woman – acquire meaning only through relations between them. These relations, this meaning is the third, binding element without which nothing can be built.
The Big Bang, the Beginning of Times? A moment before we stop for a while to be Whole and Eternal, you and I started it all – this entire whirligig of eyes, hands, inspirations, partings. Only to have this opportunity to speak without concessions of Love. To make it. To do, accomplish it.
To incarnate it.


9. Technical information for our nearest and dearest:
- we open a permanent base of the Dolphin Embassy. Humans, dolphins, and whales are involved in setting it up.
- the 30th Parallel becomes a permanent expedition project of the Dolphin Embassy, and extends its geographic boundaries, based on the realization, that at present the 30th Parallel is everywhere .
- in the course of our journey a community was established, capable of working miracles in pursuit of a desired future. Thus, the Dolphin Embassy’s club becomes active.
- we shall publish detailed information on the above points before the end of January.


Thanks to all who accompany us in this journey.

30th Parallel Project Communiqué

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