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The Dolphin Embassy headquarters is the first-ever permanent space for interspecies interaction between humans, the world ocean and higher mammals inhabiting it.

The Embassy is also a multidisciplinary cultural center. Along with its permanent open program it organizes:

- thematic exhibitions

- premiere film screenings

- seminars ad roundtable discussions

- international workshops and internships

- public lectures and concerts

- club evening events


The Embassy occupies a transformable space that can be easily modified from an exhibition hall into a lecture hall into a milonga dance floor.

The Embassy’s philosophy is based on the idea of open cooperation of all who love nature and the ocean, who are fascinated with cetaceans and consciousness in general.

We don’t  just partake in, but bring together various perspectives, various fields of knowledge and activity. 


The Embassy provides any like-minded person, be it an underwater photographer, marine biologist, neurophysiologist, artist, musician, traveler or a ship captain, with an opportunity to present the results of their work to an engaged audience, find useful contacts, a social circle and new prospects.



Dolphinic House (at Los Gigantes, functioning during the Embassy events)

is a special playground for grown-ups,

A Zen monastery.

An alchemic lab.

A private anti-aging retreat.

Humanarium set up by people to put themselves on display for dolphins to see

An exquisite spa resort inclusive of all that is necessary, and excluding all that is superfluous.

An astronaut training center: when you are about to fly, you better get ready.

Baron Munchhausen’s castle: pulling the visitors out of the mire of the mundane.

A school of unlearning survival in favor of living.

The rabbit hole.

The eye of a needle.


The focus of the Dolphin Embassy in Georgia is modern anthropology.


Los Gigantes and Puerto Colon seaports, Tenerife, the Canary Islands.

Many supporters of the idea that the Atlantis really existed, believe it was here.

Once the island was home to the enigmatic civilization of Guanches. They went extinct after the Canaries were conquered by Europeans.

Mount Teide, a volcano rising high above the island is the highest peak in Spain. The area surrounding its large crater is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and a place where a great many sci-fi stories of travels to distant planets have been filmed.

The waters around the island are one of the eternal global “capitals” of cetaceans.


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