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The central experiences in the life of dolphins – Play, Awareness, Love and, above all, their constant ENGAGEMENT in life – is the very nature of human happiness.


Enhancing the presence of such “involvement”, as well as the amount of joy and meaning in human life is the main purpose of the Dolphin Embassy.


The Dolphin Embassy is an international non-governmental mission with the main goal to promulgate an integral worldview and create a cultural space for the preservation and sustainable harmonious development of life on Earth.


The Embassy is a cultural center, as well as research, information, consultancy and production center whose activities are associated with dolphins and whales, who represent the most ancient form of intelligence on Earth, inhabit evidently the larger part of its surface, have abilities, and lead lives that provide lessons of great importance for humans.

The Embassy is established by people who love dolphins and whales and have faith in humanity.


The Dolphin Embassy carries out non-invasive research into the abilities of free-living dolphins and whales, as well as public experiments and exhibitions aimed at revealing fundamental commonalities of all types of consciousness on the Planet.

The Embassy calls for the recognition of dolphins and whales as non-human persons, along with equating crimes against them with crimes against humanity; for closure of all aquariums and other forms of captivity, as well as unconditional ban on hunting and capturing cetaceans.


The Embassy proceeds from the knowledge that the world we live in is undivided and whole, and at present the only really urgent task is to prevent the dangers presented to its existence by the consumerist activities of humans. Overcoming all kinds of disunity, disconnectedness, alienation caused by shallow outlook on the world is an indispensible precondition of it.

Development and Life create unity.

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