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53 min, 2023

When you enter the Labyrinth, a Beast appears at its centre.

It changes with every step you take.

At the moment of your meeting, you will give it a name.

And it will fulfil it.

 A film-parable in which people from twenty countries build and walk the Labyrinth - the oldest tool for understanding the life path, at the centre of which an inevitable meeting and the main choice - between Good and Evil - await each of us. The eternal history of Theseus and the Minotaur, Man and the Beast, is lived here again by everyone.

afiche EN.jpg

Written, directed and produced by

Alexander and Nicole Gratovsky


Vakhtang Kuntsev-Gabashvili

Nicole Gratovsky

Irina Klimenko

Cyrill Ivanov

René Heuzey


Kadir Demir

Kaily Preston

Ben Winwood

Bottega Baltazar


Dust and Desire

Serafim Bit-Kharebi

Antony Vega

Michael Vignola

Ian Post

Assaf Aalon

Arkadi Shilkloper


Clive Phillips

Nicole Gratovsky

Stage movement, costumes

Kakha Bakuradze



57 min, 2020

How many times have you managed to feel that something much greater than you surrounds and pervades you? You call it intuition, a premonition or conscience - but who is really knocking inside of you?


Three days, three nights, three lives in the belly of a whale...

Eyes must become accustomed to the darkness in order to learn to distinguish light.

There is no other way to see clearly.

The film “Revelation of Jonah” is a philosophical parable, a perspective on the events occurring today to humanity as a whole and every human.

The biblical Jonah, who fled from his destiny, was swallowed by a whale, in the belly of which he spent three days, symbolically referencing the descent into the kingdom of death. Along which path is it necessary to pass in order to attain the opportunity for new life?

IONA eye ENG s.jpg

Written, directed and produced by

Alexander and Nicole Gratovsky

Underwater cinematography

René Heuzey

On-land cinematography



Robin Scott Fleming

Michael Vignola

David Charrier

Kadir Demir

Jan Braas

Alon Ohana

Ilya Truhanov

Amick Cutler


Clive Phillips

Nicole Gratovsky

Sound Recording and Editing


Anatoli Voronov

Marina Shangina



a fleeting contact

55 min, 2017


The Shore and the Ocean.

The frozen and the fluid.

The artificial and the genuine. 

Humans and dolphins. Two ways of life. Two mentalities. 

A dialogue about two world-systems.

Is contact possible between them? 

Intraterrestrial – inhabitants of the Earth - not us OR them, but us WITH them.


"...They do not built megacities, do not improve amenities, do not protect property, they are indifferent to technology, business and politics. 

They have no economic reforms, peace-keepers with guns, priests on the payroll, no private possessions, and no immovable property.

They do not make things immovable – for them the idea itself is equivalent to death.

Instead of charity, they have compassion; instead of diplomacy – sincerity; 

instead of museums – live art; instead of power stations - direct contact with energy..."

Written, directed and produced by

Alexander and Nicole Gratovsky

Underwater cinematography

Rafa Herrero Massieu

René Heuzey


On-land cinematography

Viktoria Fortunina

Maxim Drozdov



David Rothenberg, Arkady Shilkloper, Jivan Gasparyan, David Swarup, Mikkai Kumo, Bernard Abeille, Paul Brousseau, Alizbar, Kai Engel, Alexander Samodoum, Galina Parfenova

Sound Editing

Tim Gauff


The Dolphin Embassy collection

Alexander and Nicole Gratovsky

ALEXANDER and NICOLE GRATOVSKY Anthropologists, founders of the Dolphin Embassy, authors of several books: "The Generator Of Possibilities", "The Dolphin Principle", and "Another Humanity: Dolphins", several documentary novels about the transformative travel; as well as a film-experience "My Pilot, Whale"; originators of dozens of research expeditions, including a round-the-world expedition "30th Parallel: Archaeology of Possibilities". Authors of educational and transformative programs.

Rafa Herrero Massieu

RAFA HERRERO MASSIEU Professional diver, naturalist and underwater cinematographer. His work includes the documentary “No man's sea" and the documentary "Isora, story of a short-finned pilot whale pod" and a recent project “Secrets of Macaronesia”. Rafa is a director of photography and “shaman” in "My Pilot Whale" documentary of the Dolphin Embassy.

René Heuzey

RENÉ HEUZEY Underwater cinematographer, director of photography in the “Oceans” - film directed by Jacques Perrin (Cesar of the best documentary). René Heuzey has over 1500 shoots to his credit in all the seas of the world. Nothing stops this image adventurer: often working more than 100m deep underwater with special blends, he is the eye of many filmmakers. He was the one who brought the most beautiful images from the film “Planet Ocean” by Yann Arthus Bertrand.

Maxim Drozdov

MAXIM DROZDOV Cinematographer, award-winner for Best Cinematography at the Venice International Film Festival

David Rothenberg

DAVID ROTHENBERG Professor of philosophy and music, ECM recording artist, author of numerous books on music, art, and nature, including Thousand Mile Song, about making music with whales.

Arkady Shilkloper

ARKADY SHILKLOPER Multi-instrumentalist, composer, ECM recording artist. He is also known as one of the best jazz performers on French horn and alphorn in the world. His control of the horn and his creativity have set a new standard.

Davide Swarup

DAVIDE SWARUP Professional musician, traveller, pioneer hang player. He is often said to be a «soul player». As a hang musician, a very unique one, he inspires and blows the mind away from thoughts or mental mechanisms.


ALIZBAR Multi-instrumentalist, composer, harp player, music therapist.

The Dolphin Embassy is a research, information, consultancy and production center that aims to create a new cultural environment conducive to a sustainable and harmonious development of life and consciousness on the Planet.


The Embassy’s activities are directly associated with dolphins and whales, who represent the most ancient form of consciousness on Earth, inhabit evidently the larger part of its surface, have abilities, and lead lives that provide lessons of great importance for humans.


For this purpose the Embassy carries out non-invasive research into the abilities of free-living dolphins and whales, as well as public experiments and exhibitions aimed at revealing fundamental commonalities of all types of consciousness on the Planet.

Dolphin Embassy Films creates documentaries based on these researches.


Their home covers three-quarters of the Earth's surface.

We live on islands surrounded by their home.

They are looking after the world's oceans; after the water, without which life is impossible.



27 min, 2015


Direct contact between two forms of intelligence is possible.

This contact overtuned not only our usual ideas about dolphins, but also about our ideas about the capabilities of human beings.


This film is the first to depict unmediated interaction between man and free-living pilot whale. It is a film that immerses audiences into the world of beings who have lived on our Planet fifty times longer than the humankind. A film that is in itself an experience of direct dialogue with them and the Universe. A film that presents us with an opportunity to adopt a different view of life, consciousness and ourselves.

Produced, directed and edited by

Alexander and Nicole Gratovsky


Rafa Herrero Massieu

Swimming, Narrating

Nicole Gratovsky

On-land cinematography, editing assistance

Victoria Fortunina


Elephant’s Hands

Sound Recording and Editing

Alexander Moustache


Pablo Pares

By the time of release of the film, we have spent about fifteen hundred hours with them. Each time we come back from these journeys unable to speak. The space we have been to transforms our vocabulary that thus far seemed to describe the world quite adequately. The new language soaks in, re-cultivates us. The language is so much more genuine, that we are no longer able to speak and think in terms of the past.


All underwater images in this documentary were shot in the open ocean and feature free-living pilot whales

I think civilization is about the way we interact with the world. Had human beings opted for different principles we would see the world differently and would have a different civilization. 

Where does the contact zone lie? 

There’s no other medium but focused attention. No other reason but Love. There’s nothing else to talk about. That’s all they have here.

It’s about reestablishing the connection. Accepting the gift that is both a treasure and a calling. Everything about their usual selves is also about possibilities open to us.


WORLDFEST - HOUSTON INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL April 2016, Houston, Texas Platinum Remi winner

BLUE OCEAN FILM FESTIVAL Monaco, November 2015 Honorable Mention

HOLLYWOOD FILM FESTIVAL September 2015, Los Angeles, California Best Short Documentary - Finalist

INTERNATIONAL FILMMAKER FESTIVAL OF WORLD CINEMA November 2015, Milan, Italy Award Nominations: * Best director of a short documentary film * Best cinematography in a documentary film * Best editing of a documentary

AWARENESS FILM FESTIVAL September 2015, Los Angeles, California

MADRID INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL July 2015, Madrid, Spain Award Nominations: * Best scientific/educational documentary * Best cinematography in a documentary film * Best producer of a documentary film * Best director of a short documentary film Winner: Best cinematography in a documentary film 2015

TENERIFE INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL July 2015, Madrid, Spain Award nominations: * Best Feature Documentary 2015 * Best Director of a Feature Documentary 2015 * Best Cinematography in a Documentary 2015 * Scientific & Educational Award * Best Producer of a Documentary Film 2015 * Jury Award 2015 Winner: Best Director of a Feature Documentary 2015

EUROPEAN FESTIVAL OF UNDERWATER IMAGES AND ENVIRONMENT March 2015, Strasbourg, France Winner: Silver Award (Deuxieme Prix Master)


WORLD FESTIVAL OF UNDERWATER IMAGES November 2014, Marseille, France Official selection

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